Yogikuti Viparita Dandasana Bench (Large Backbender)

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Our uniquely designed Viparita Dandasana Bench is handcrafted in Pune, India with utmost precision. It is a multipurpose Yoga prop, that helps enhance your backbend and forward bend practice.



  • The round bar at the low end of the backbender functions as foot support.
  • The two square brackets at the front side of the board can be used to lock your palms & perform various backbends like Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana, Eka pada Viparita Dandasana, Vrischikasana, etc
  • A strong, robust prop, with great quality wood.
  • Finished with a clear hard oil protective coating.


Size: L 138cm x W 42cm x H 41cm
Weight: 10.85kg
Material: Wood


Yogikuti products are created by Yogis, for Yogis around the world.

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