Yogikuti Tall Backbender

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Yogikuti Tall Backbender has been crafted with utmost precision by skilled professionals in Pune. It is a uniquely designed yoga prop for multipurpose use. Yogikuti Tall Backbender is an excellent aid to your practice of backbends. It helps you open the front body gradually, as well as the shoulders and chest area. It also provides you with support in your Restorative Yoga practice.

Unique features:

An excellent prop for curving your spine without stressing any other joints in the body.
Allows for increased blood flow to the spine and openness between the vertebrae.
Enhances your spinal flexibility without adding any pressure on the lower spine.
Helps open the chest area.
Made of durable and resilient wood. A clear hard oil coating gives a natural light color finish & protects the wood.
The height is adjustable according to the needs of the Yoga practitioner.
It can be easily dismantled and transported.
Yogikuti yoga products are created by Yogis, for Yogis around the world.

Weight: 4.6kg

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