Yogikuti Premium Yoga Mat 4mm (Black)

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Yogikuti Premium Yoga Mat is made of 100% natural tree rubber at its base, topped by a 1mm thin PU layer. It is the best mat in the market, as it provides comfort, excellent grip, and antislip protection, thanks to its unique technology of drying quickly. The alignment guide etched on its surface is a unique feature helping you advance your practice.
Yogikuti Yoga Mats are non-toxic, free from PVC and phthalates.


Care instructions: Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the PU layer and let it dry. Do not use a hard brush. Do not use a dryer or heater. Do not expose the mat to high
temperature or direct sunlight. Initially, your natural tree Rubber yoga mat will produce a typical rubber scent. Please air the mat by storing it in a cool ventilated space.


Weight: 2.66kg
Size: L 180cm x W 66cm
Thickness: 4mm
Material: PU & Natural Rubber
Color: Black


Yogikuti yoga products are created by Yogis, for Yogis around the world.

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