Yogikuti Fitness Yoga Mat 6mm (Black)

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The double-layered, 6mm Fitness Yoga Mat offers superior cushioning, a firm base, excellent grip, anti-slip protection, safety and comfort. A clearly etched alignment guide on its surface will help advance your practice. Yogikuti yoga mats are non-toxic, free from PVC and phthalates.



  • Longer & wider than standard sized yoga mats.
  • Unique non-slip textured surface provides a firm grip while performing yoga asana.
  • Engraved alignment marks help align the poses.
  • Long lasting special material of this mat ensures durability.
  • Double-layered texture, ideal for all kinds of fitness training including yoga, cross-training, floor exercises & pilates workout.
  • Water resistant, easily cleaned.
  • Lightweight & durable.


Care Instructions: Use a soft, damp cloth to clean and then let dry. Do not use a hard brush, a dryer or heater. Do not expose the mat to high
temperature or direct sunlight.


Material: TPE Foam
Size : 183 x 61cm x 6mm
Weight: 0.89kg
Color: Black


Yogikuti products are created by Yogis, for Yogis around the world.

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