Pregnancy Yoga

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Language: Greek

“Pregnancy Yoga” is the perfect companion for both beginner and experienced yoga students during pregnancy and into motherhood. This prenatal and postpartum book offers practical advice and inspiration, asana sequences, pranayama practices, and meditation techniques that speak to and help new mothers connect more deeply with their experience and prepare for their journey—physically, mentally, and spiritually. Based on ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, the book covers each trimester, labor, and postpartum period.
• Information about what happens to our body each trimester and which asanas we can practice safely.
• Detailed presentation of the asanas.
• Asana sequences, tailored to each quarter, emphasize self-awareness and promote strength, flexibility, and balance.
• Modifications that accommodate a pregnant woman’s growing belly, keeping in mind the shift in her center of gravity and honoring fluctuations in her energy levels.
• Asana, pranayama, and meditation and visualization practices designed to deeply connect mother and baby from early pregnancy through the postpartum period.
• A special section on the pelvic floor to encourage women to let go and prepare for childbirth.
• Information (from a Western holistic and Ayurvedic perspective) on nutrition, vitamins, fats, and minerals.
• Philosophical background of yoga.

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